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Deepankar Dahiya invested extensive period of time in learning and experiencing about the Eastern sciences of well being and self exploration.
Making people realise all the issues they are suffering from whether it’s tension, stress, depression, anxiety, relationships, work related issues etc. All can be managed and dealt with if the organise their inner being well enough, through the help of extensive tools he provides, that originated from meditation and yoga. Helping people cruise along life with a sense of joyfulness and bliss. Through his workshops, TTC and one on one sessions, Deepankar supports and guide people into activating their hidden potential which was there all along. Irrespective of your religious belief or your field of work whether you are an Actor, Doctor, scientists, clerk etc. These tools you imbibe are going to help you become a better version of yourself in your life.
As Yoga don’t ask you to leave or quit anything, also it has nothing to do with religion but simply is (A WAY OF LIVING)

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Why work with me ?

I will help you in getting solid result through personal tailor-made programme of traditional yoga including physical postures, breathing exercises guided meditation and much more. All of them combined together as a wholesome personal session for visible results in the strength and elasticity of your body and mind,rejuvenation and conditioning of the entire system at cellular level.

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Get rid of Unwanted Experiences​

Deepression, Anxiety, Trauma, Addiction, Problematic relationship/marriage, Conflicts, Unsatisfactory work situation, stress and all unwanted emotions etc.

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Why just work on you body?

Evolving beyond just the physical understanding of health, because it is not just about how you look more important is how you feel and organise yourself,  working also on your mental health through several tools and practices. Enhancing your life perception by setting you in charge over your emotions and rational mind.

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Manifestation and reprogramming

Manifesting long cherished dreams into reality. Through the help of guided meditation, programming your subconscious in order to achieve what you didn’t completely believe in the past was possible.

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Using Ancient wisdom from Rishis

The after effect of the whole practice that I have designed from the  Ancient Eastern science of yoga scriptures without a doubt will enhance your aura making you more grounded and decisive in everyday life. Both on and off the mat.


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Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in Oblivion. It is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today in the culture of tomorrow – Swami Satyananda Saraswati


Meditation for manifesting success and personal desires, becoming our own alchemist because only when your dreams are fulfilled you can move towards the larger goal of self realization. Finding the source within.
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Holistic Healing!

Massage based on Eastern health philosophy where body and mind are seen as a whole: everything is connected. Once the balance in any of the parts of the body is disturbed (emotionally or physically) this has an effect on the overall well-being.
Corporate Yoga classes in Netherlands

Corporate Meditation

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Just after the very first session from us you can experience the instant results reduced heartbeat, softer and calmer breathing, controlled emotions, instant mental clarity, felling grounded, relaxation and a sense of acceptance of everything.

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Rejuvenation package

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Take a day out” RESET ” your whole system and revive a new “YOU”
With 5 blissful, calming hours of Holistic healing massage, Therapeutic consultancy with leading expert, Deep release yoga and Meditation

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Customers reviews

Deepankar allowes me to experience yoga on a very different level of what I was used to in the past. His calm energy guides you to challenge yourself and find your inner motivation to grow in a deeper practice of asanas, pranayama and self awareness. I can highly recommend following classes with Deepankar, get inspired and allow yourself to expand your comfortzone! 🙏
Deepankar dahiya client in Netherlands
Linda Iriks
I have done a few things before and tried different kind of yoga's and meditations, but with Deepankar I can't fully describe what i feel in words, but I guess his class works so well because of the simplicity and working on the basics like breathing. Hope everyone can experience it, its good for yourself and therefore also others & the world.
Yoga teacher and NeuroDesigner
Best yoga sessions ever. Unprecedented experiences both physically and mentally.
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