Our practice Strategy

We will help you in getting solid result through personal tailor-made programme of guided meditation, traditional yoga including physical postures, breathing exercises and much more. All of them combined together as a wholesome session for visible results in the strength and elasticity of your body and mind,rejuvenation and conditioning of the entire system at cellular level.

The Effects Of Stress Within Businesses

  • The productivity of the work force is the most decisive factor as far as the success of an organization is concerned
  • The productivity in turn is dependent on the psychosocial well being of the employees. Stress can affect one‘s health, work performance, social life and the relationship with family or team members. The stress response is a complex emotion that produces physiological changes to prepare us for – fight or flight.
  • The stressors and its consequences are to be understood at individual and organizational level.
    Stress in the workplace has emerged as a major issue for businesses and has reached alarming proportions.
  • In order increase the overall well being, organizations must develop stress prevention as well as stress reduction techniques.
    These stress reducing techniques focus on preventing, minimizing and overcoming all these destructive factors in your company and within the team.
  • Yoga by Deep aims to implement the ancient eastern science within your company in order to increase productivity, success and satisfaction on all levels. Read More

Cost-effectiveness of yoga for managing musculoskeletal conditions in the workplace (OXFORD ACADEMIC)

  • (Musculoskeletal conditions are injuries and disorders that affect the human body movement or muscoloskeletal system (including muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, blood vessels etc.) Please find the statistics of the study below:
  • The research method A randomized controlled trial evaluated an 8-week yoga programme, with a 6-month follow-up, for National Health Service (NHS) employees. Effectiveness in managing musculoskeletal conditions was assessed using repeated-measures The incremental cost per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) was also calculated. Sickness absence was measured using electronic staff records at 6 months.
  • Results There were 151 participants. At 6 months, mean differences between groups favouring yoga were observed. From a healthcare perspective, yoga yielded an incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of £2103 per QALY. Given a willingness to pay for an additional QALY of £20 000, the probability of yoga being cost-effective was 95%. From a societal perspective, yoga was the dominant treatment compared with usual care. At 6 months, electronic staff records showed that yoga participants missed a total of 2 working days due to musculoskeletal conditions compared with 43 days for usual care participants.
  • Conclusions Yoga for NHS employees may enhance HRQL, reduce disability associated with back pain, lower sickness absence due to musculoskeletal conditions and is likely to be cost-effective. Read More

Our Three step strategy


For better physical strength, balance and increase of energy levels


For better mental clarity and emotional control.


For removing congestion and blockages within the body and helps the prana (life energy) flow smoothly .

Services We Offer

Live Sessions

Teacher on Location 20 to 30 mins sessions Minimum of Twice a Week

Personalized sessions

get strong results through personalized tailor made programs exclusively for your organisation such as additional workshops, masterclasses and talks from professionals and expert therapists

Online sessions

Perfectly fits companies that work from home or on a tight schedule. 20 or 30 minute sessions Minimum twice a week

Core values of Yoga by Deep

Deepankar Dahiya teaching students yoga
Yoga classes in Netherlands,Europe


30 mins Reset


Better Sleep


Stress management


  • We strive for the highest quality of yoga & meditation classes. Our aim is to use ancient science and practices to help our client in the most profound way.
  • Providing authenticity and undivided attention for best individual progress.
  • We use traditional tools without dilution to enhance the life experience moment to moment. Classes are based on traditional yoga sciences, which is a combination of hatha, kriya, asthanga, raja yoga and ancient wisdom.
  • We strive to grow our clients in all aspects, mentally, physically and spiritually to their highest potential.
  • Connecting through the practices irrespective of age, gender and all other backgrounds.

Example of a session at your company

There are various way of implementing the yoga & meditation sessions at your business. We will decide together what construction fits best in your company and within your team.

Are most of the employees working from home or is the largest amount of your team present on the work floor? How are the working hours and general meetings planned? Would you prefer to start the day with an effective morning session or do you want to give your team a uplifiting afternoon session in order to focus better during the rest of the working day?

From our own experience, a session of 20 to 30 minutes is effective enough to get the benefits we are looking for. Besides that it will not take too much time out of your working schedules. We can always discuss other time frames according to your preferences

Online sessions will be given on zoom/microsoft teams and live sessions will take place at your company. This could be in any meeting or conference room that is available at that moment or can take place at the sitting location of the employees. All the practices are simple and easy to follow and don't require a lot of space or a yoga mat. Sharing the practice with your team members gives a feeling of bonding and leaves your employees with a joyfulness and mutual growth.

Simple practices to be easily implement in your workplace

Our yoga & meditation classes are adapted in such a way that they can always be implemented during working hours.

The sessions take around 20 to 30 minutes. This will include Stretching, Breathing, Meditation and much more which will bring you Mental Clearity and Focus, A quick Reset for the Day

There is no need to change clothes or take a yoga mat or any aditional items/equipments with you

We aim to keep it simple but powerful in order to get the results we strive for

Deepankar Dahiya Yoga teacher in Netherlands

Founder AND partner

Deepankar Dahiya

Deepankar Dahiya invested extensive period of time in learning and experiencing about the Eastern sciences of well being and self exploration.
Making people realise all the issues they are suffering from whether it’s tension, stress, depression, anxiety, relationships, work related issues etc. All can be managed and dealt with if the organise their inner being well enough, through the help of extensive tools he provides, that originated from meditation and yoga.



Vedanta, kundlini Yoga teacher

Nirvana Narayan

Meditation/Yoga teacher

Antar Khirad

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